Daphna Reves
Artist Statement
I see my art as part of my surroundings and as part of the events I deal with.
So, I use materials that have been left away and give them a new life and meaning.
My work is influenced from all I feel see and be. Searching for the representation of an industrial women. If it is in ironically way through the series 'Industrial Beauty', video and mixed media.
Daphna Reves

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Ein Carmel Artists Workshop
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Solo Exhibition
The exhibition is populated by sculptural objects - headless transparent rhinos made of rubber and epoxy, color photographs - flowers in the withering process, and video work. In the aesthetic field are embodied in a refined and poetic composition, symbolic, cultural images, charged with meaning. The herd of rhinos, the withering of the flowers, and the repetition of the cross-border figure walking between urban and wooded area. All come together in a minimalist aesthetic in favor of conscious complexity and philosophical discussion.
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January 2019
How to make a living from art
Make a living from Art
It is difficult but possible. The materials must be organized in a divisions of sections. Second thing is to enjoy most of a what you do. It is very important to admit mistakes and thus learn a lot from them without noticed... Do not stop for a moment to create! Create create create - that is my motto. It gives you more than you know - The work of creation let you process the relationships, situations and accept the great difficulties in life.
What’s in the casserole?
An artist with figurative, conceptual language with Pop Art and Conceptual Art influences Her artworks are searching for the representation of an industrial women. Her works sometimes have ironically way through the industrial beauty. Or as a part of a heard that is going as a rhinoceros. A heard that trying to fulfill the expectations. Reves researches the concepts such as conformity, contemporary industrialization, and the Rhinoceros as a form of amalgamation that tramples the outlier and the other.
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- 2019-2020 Art of Creation Haifa University - 2009-2011 Curatorial and Exhibitions Design at the Technion Institute - 2001-2002 Philosophy at Tel Aviv University - 1997-1999 While studying at Camera Obscura, studied Art at the Open University 1995-1999 Graduated with honors from Camera Obscura and received a scholarship Solo Exhibition - 2019 Rhinoceros, Hamaabada, Curator, Nurit tal-Tenne - 2002 Sisters Change, The Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Curator Orly Hoffman Work experience - 1997-1999 During my studies I worked as an evening workshop instructor in a black and white lab. - 1999-2000 Photography facilitator at Ruppin College, Department of Architecture. - 2000-2002 Black and white lab instructor in school-dimension. - 2003 Tel Aviv Artists' House Assistant Curator. - 2003-2015 Independent photographer with a studio in the artists' workshops Ein Carmel. - 2012-2013 Reporter and photographer for Hof Carmel Magazine. - 2016-2017 Photography Instructor at the Academy of Excellence. - 2017-2020 Freelance Photographer and a Photography instructor

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